Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peeps Preview: Foggy Bottom

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From Claudine, who obviously put in quite a lot more effort than last year's Unsuck entry.
After reading a string of bad news about violence on Metro these last few months, your readers may enjoy a lighter note by taking a look at the diorama we submitted to the Washington Post's Peeps Show.

Elliot, the creative force behind this, and I are good friends from our days at GW. After hearing about the escalator collapse, we thought it would be great to immortalize the good, the bad and the ugly about Metro in our diorama.

You have things like the oblivious station manager reading the paper, the tourist blocking traffic, and the Krispy Kreme salesman right outside the station (and so much more! Like a cash-only ticket machine!)

Building this was definitely a cathartic experience.
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