Monday, March 14, 2011

Station Manager's Advance Creeps Out Rider

Anyone else experience something like this?

From an anonymous reader:
On Sunday morning, I was walking back from a bar by myself after being out with friends, it was around 1 a.m.

I went through the gates at Eastern Market and was walking toward the platform when I heard someone say "excuse me."

I turned around and saw the Metro employee in the booth leaning out trying to get my attention.

If see a Metro employee trying to get my attention, I respond.

Besides, I came through the gates right behind someone, so I thought maybe I accidentally piggy backed or something.

I walked back the kiosk, toward him, and when I got up to the booth, he leaned out, smiled and asked me my name. He was definitely hitting on me. It had that tone.

I turned around immediately and went down to the platforms.

I realize on the scale of getting hit on, this is minor.

But he used his position as a Metro employee in a way that borders on abuse of power.

I was alone, late at night, and until now, I've felt like getting to a Metro station is a safe-haven from potential rapists because it's well lit and manned with people whose job it is to prevent that stuff from happening (Maybe that is a naive worldview.).

To use your power in a Metro uniform in the Metro booth to call over a girl who is alone (and possibly visibly intoxicated - I wasn't that drunk, but when you add a couple drinks and wearing heels, walking becomes precarious), that's just wrong.

To use the illusion that he needed to talk to me by calling to me from the booth ... I don't know, I was creeped out.
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