Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twinbrook Station Manager Upset by Interrupted Phone Call Yells at Riders

Early reports indicate the bid to oust Jackie Jeter was a flop. So, be prepared for more of the below, and remember Jeter's famous quote: "Our members go to work every day cognizant of their responsibility to perform a job on behalf of our customers – the riding public."

From Brian:
I got off at Twinbrook the other morning at around 9:00, and neither of the faregates were working. There are only two gates to exit at Twinbrook.

It was a slow time, but there were four of us who could not get out because when you swiped your card it said "see manager" or "out of service."

I looked in the booth, and the guy there was on the phone, and we could not get his attention. I tried repeatedly for five minutes to swipe my card. I was trapped in the station.

The guy in the booth was still on the phone, ignoring the line of people asking for help.

I finally just went through the "emergency" gate as I saw about six others do, and then tried to get the guy's attention on the other side of the booth to pass him my card.

He yelled at me to get back inside!

Finally, he got off the phone and shouted obscenities at us.

We argued with him that we had been standing there for over five minutes, and he'd ignored us.

He kept yelling.

Then, finally, he clicked something on his computer and said "try now."

We were free.

Don't you think that with the gates not working so often that there should be someone available let you out? That would be a lot better than someone ignoring you and swearing at you like it's your fault Metro equipment is so crappy!
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