Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Metro Continues to Hide Ultraviolence Problem

An anonymous tipster alleges they saw someone get "sucker punched" at, of course, L'Enfant Plaza Sunday afternoon around 5.

The tipster said a group of four "kids" walked by a waiting train, and two of them punched a man standing in the train by the doors. The punches knocked the man down.

The assailants then ran a bit down the platform.

The tipster said that as the train pulled away, they saw the victim, still dazed, struggle to get up off the floor, obviously struggling to understand what had happened.

The kids, who joined up with more of their droogs, stayed in the station, laughing as if the whole things was funny, the tipster said.

There were no Metro officials around, the tipster said, and none to be found after a quick search of the station.

Finally, the tipster, who was with their fiancee, gave up and got on a train. Upon arriving at U Street, they were able to find three Metro cops "relaxing in the Metro booth."

When the tipster informed the cops about what they'd seen, "they acted like they couldn't have cared less," and it "seemed almost as if I wasn't even there."

Sadly, a story about blasé Metro employees doesn't raise eyebrows any more, until you find out there's a little more to this one.

According to Metro, at around 4:30 p.m., there was a "gun incident" at L'Enfant involving more than one perp. During the incident, an arrest was made, Metro said.

We asked Metro for details, but they wouldn't say, despite repeated attempts to get them to cough up something.


Really, it's better you don't know, right?

It's starting to seem, as the tipster said, "we're on our own down there."

Real horror show like.

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