Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coat Ripping Bandit

From Sarah:
About a month ago, I was riding the Green Line between L'Enfant and Waterfront. The train was pretty packed because it was rush hour. It was one of those sardines-in-a-can type situations where everyone was jammed up against each other.

While those times are usually pretty awkward, I understand that we are all just people trying to get to our destinations.

However, the train was also quite jerky. It started and stopped several times during that pretty short ride.

A gentleman behind me decided that the pole between us, the pole on his other side, and the pole above him were too far away to hold onto. Instead, he grabbed onto my coat with all of his might.

I heard a rip, felt the tear, and immediately turned around to see who ruined my favorite jacket by putting a fist-sized hole in the back.

This man knew what he had done and shifted his gaze like a guilty puppy.

I confronted him and asked if he ripped my coat.

He refused to answer me, and the passengers around us all nodded their heads to indicate I identified the correct assailant.

I asked him again if he ripped my jacket, and he refused to acknowledge me (which was extremely awkward because, as I stated before, we were cramped like sardines). I asked him for his information, since he damaged my property, but he continued to ignore me and actually turned to face the other way.

I reached my stop and tried talking to the station attendant, but they didn't have time to talk to me (I'm assuming their Facebook status needed updating). I'm curious to know if I'm the only victim of the coat-ripping bandit.
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