Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hottest Brand in DC is Back!

2011's must-have accessory?

Lost in the kerfuffle over Metro finally agreeing to get on board with Google Transit was perhaps even bigger news.

After being unavailable for some time, the DMV's hottest brand is back--in more ways than ever. That's right! Metro has unveiled its completely overhauled online gift shop!

Who wouldn't want a plastic Metro pen, Metrobus piggy bank, Metro carabiner, Metro sports bottle, Metro watch or Metro Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve Pique Polo? You can also pick up a copy of this "captivating" book. Thank God the Metro train stress reliever is still available.

Now you can bring mementos of those great commutes into nearly aspect of your life, and they keep adding items daily, it seems.

Got any ideas for more Metro schwag?

According to Metro, there was no money spent on the site, but a percentage of the proceeds will to go APISource who built and maintains it. Here's the RFP for the job, if you're interested.

Over the past three years, Metro earned about $13,500 per year from the previous version of the online store.
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