Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How was Weekend-plus?

Via @Sparticus11:@wmata Farragut north is a hot hot mess. Guess I'll catch the next one. 25 minutes on the platform now. pic.twitter.com/SRcRVWvs 

From anonymous:
 Right now at 4 p.m. on Oct. 7, the WMATA webpage trip planner says that a train is leaving every 7 or 8 minutes from Shady Grove toward Metro Center.

In real life there is a train leaving Shady Grove every half hour this weekend.

You can go watch the web PIDS predictions and see this. It's not easy to see because PIDS works so poorly on weekends.

Note that the promulgated standard (which everyone objected to) says that the max wait for a train should be 20 minutes off peak.

So not only has the standard from the base weekend schedule of every 7 minutes been lowered, it's been lowered way below the threshold of 20 minutes, all the way to 30 minutes between Red Line trains from Shady Grove.

Also note the WMATA twitter account says the trip planner takes into account this weekend's special schedules. No, not really, it still claims a train every 7 or 8 minutes from Shady.
These look like dead-obvious observations that anyone standing at Rockville platform would see.
I know WMATA management isn't standing on the platform there waiting for a train.
From JK:
Am I the only one who notice Metro's advertised time between trains was a total lie? 26 minutes would have been great this weekend, but they never approached that frequency.

I guess that might have been excusable on Saturday and Sunday, but on Monday, the time between trains approached 40 minutes.

During rush hour, the platforms were dangerously over crowded.

I understand Metro has a lot of work to get done, but leaving so many DC riders screwed is just unacceptable.

For once, I wish Metro would be honest so I could make an informed choice about an alternate way to work.

From Adam:
Please don't torture us with PIDs that aren't accurate. I actually make decisions based on what they say. If they're not going to work accurately during track work, tell us. Just FREAKING tell us!! Or just turn them off!
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