Friday, October 19, 2012

Metro Still Insulting Riders with Security Theater

Via @Julie Borowski: Bag checks at Foggy Bottom metro. More security theater. #wmata 

Update: During the last Finance Committee meeting, Metro agreed to accept $7.7 million more from the feds for more anti-terrorism efforts. You can hear the committee ask about it at 4:47 here. (H/T FixWMATA)

From Luke: 
The other day at Foggy Bottom, during the evening rush, there was an extensive security detail present outside the turnstiles. There were three police officers at the top of the escalators, five in the lobby at the bottom, and what I believe were two TSA agents standing behind a folding table with what appeared to be two of those bomb sniffing machines they put the swabs in. It did not appear they were searching any bags, or doing much of anything for that matter.
As if the fare hikes, poor service, lies, and empty marketing schemes aren't insulting enough.

How many terrorist plots have random bag checks foiled? WTOP reported in June that there had been no arrests as a result of the two-year program.

How many crimes has this misallocation of resources enabled?

Here's a post from a while back about bag searches.  I have yet to hear an argument to counter it.

The dog is a nice touch. Poor thing having to hang out in a Metro station. 
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