Friday, October 26, 2012

Stalin would be Proud

From CNN last January

Looks like NBC wanted to obtain videos of Metrobuses involved in accidents. The request was made by the same reporter, Adam Tuss, who used to work at WTOP and obtained similar videos less than a year ago while there.

Now, Metro has changed their policy and won't let the public see video taken on taxpayer-funded buses by taxpayer-funded cameras.

According to the story, Metro now says:
WMATA does not release its DriveCam videos because WMATA installed the DriveCam system for internal training purposes and to assist in the evaluation of Metrobus operators.
Worse yet, Metro board member Mort Downey, one of the people who is supposed to watch Metro for us told NBC "I don't think there is anything to hide."

It's laughable.

The GM, Richard Sarles and his board are making Metro more and more secretive and opaque every day.

I wonder if people are able to subpoena the videos if they're hit by a rogue Metrobus. Metro's new policy would lead one to believe not.

Take, for example, hit and run.

From A.R.:
I was hit, while driving, by the 54 bus on 14th St. NW in the southbound lane Wednesday morning and didn’t get the bus number.  I am hoping that someone who reads this was on that bus and could possibly help me out.

The accident occurred at about 7:57 near 14th and Fairmont. The driver was African American with long braids (she looked small) and didn't appear to have one of the sweaters on that I've seen most bus drivers wearing recently.

I attempted to stop the bus at the stop at 14th and Euclid by banging on the door, but the driver looked away and drove off.

The passenger side mirror of my car was pulled off the car from the driver drifting from the right lane to the left (where I was). There was nowhere for me to go because there was oncoming traffic.

So, if anyone remembers a semi-crazed looking blonde girl banging on their bus door this morning or a loud noise from the bus hitting a gray Dodge Avenger and happens to know the bus number or ANY information that could be helpful to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know that I should have seen and remembered the bus number, but it all happened so fast that I totally blanked. Again, I would really appreciate any help that people can give me as far as a more detailed description of the driver or the bus number.

I called the police and a Metro representative showed up but, the Metro rep refused to help because I did not get the bus number.
I feel as though they should be able to identify the bus by the time, route number, driver description and location but they say they need the actual bus number.
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