Friday, October 5, 2012

Richmond's Interest in Metro was Fleeting

I thought perhaps officials in Virginia would have some concern about what Rush+ and other Metro practices are doing to their constituents, so I wrote a letter to Virginia's governer Bob McDonnell.

You'll remember not long ago McDonnell took great interest in Metro when he wanted to make a direct appointment to the board.

He got his appointment, James Dyke, and at the time, I supported the move, mostly because I thought anything to shake up the know-nothing board might be a good thing

My opinions seemed to be shared by Virginia's transportation secretary, Sean Connaughton, a McDonnell appointee.

Back then, he told me "We’re very concerned about the club atmosphere that prevails on the Board of Directors. This needs to change."

Connaughton replied to my letter to McDonnell, which is embedded below.

Needless to say, he seems to be singing a different tune about Metro these days. Seems he now thinks all is hunky dory with Metro.

It's especially disconcerting that he bought the Metro line about what Rush+ really is.

We're on our own folks.
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