Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Yin and Yang of Metro

I heard this sentiment from several readers.

From G.:
Contrary to your last poster, I thought Metro did a pretty good job with Sandy. I think it was a good idea to stay open until closing on Sunday, for example.

Also, the alerts they sent out were good, except for a few I got about 10 times in a row. Thank god I have unlimited texting.

Since I have no car, I was also very happy to see Metro open up yesterday at 2. It's got to be hard to stop and start a system like that.

I was pretty pleased with Metro until I read MTA in New York was waiving all fares yesterday.
Contrast that to this line on the Metro website: "Please note: All regular weekday fare policies will apply, as will weekday parking rates."*
Ugh. Really? Not even weekend fares for weekend service?
Yeah, DC didn't get hit quite as much, but I think Metro could have at least made a gesture to the few people who were going out to ride today and waived fares. What a PR win that would have been.

I mean it's kind of like saying 'hey we're in this with you. Come enjoy a free ride as we get life in DC back to normal.'

Another missed chance for Metro.

I guess you have to take the good with the bad, but for me, this washes all the good away.
*Some reported being charged full, rush hour fares because Metro had not reset the computers. (Confirmed here)

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