Monday, October 1, 2012

Metro's Social Media Murder-Suicide Pact

UPDATE: Metro put Mind Mixer in the time out corner.

It has been an interesting few days on Twitter.

First, Metro's new, highly-paid social media consultants, "Mind Mixer," came out with a pedantic, lecturing tone toward DC riders and proved the Omaha, Nebraska-based company has absolutely no idea about all the constructive criticism offered to Metro via this blog by actual Metro riders over nearly four years.

Mind Mixer, which touts "optimal engagement," has 784 followers on Twitter and a skin as thin and you know who.

They also say they offer "#realengagement," but won't say how much Metro is paying for their services and did not respond to an invitation to guest blog here.

This was a distillation of the reaction to Mind Mixer's social media self immolation:

Then, Metro proved you don't need to ride Metro to be on the receiving end of their infamous 'tude.  It was some of the least professional behavior I've ever seen by an organization on social media. For example:

Here's a little free constructive advice for Metro (cc: Mind Mixer): Even if you feel frustrated by a customer on Twitter, take a deep breath, and type something to the effect of "we're sorry you haven't found Metro is meeting your needs. We're trying to do better and thank you for your patronage."

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