Thursday, October 25, 2012

Transparency Fail

The Metro board is meeting today. For starters, at 9 a.m., they'll kick things off in executive session. Above is the published agenda of that session.

Looks like some pretty important stuff, particularly the labor matters. But that's all the board made public. Seriously. That's it! What a kick in the teeth to even publish an insulting PDF like that. They do this every time.

So much for transparency.

As Metro GM Dick Sarles once said, "I don't want to hide problems. That's the worst thing you can do."

But during Sarles' and the new board's reign,  they've pretty done nothing but hide. Literally. Apart from Sarles stopping by Rosslyn, none of these people show their faces at anything but ribbon cutting ceremonies.

But the hiding doesn't stop there.

On the eve of the board meeting, Metro has yet to post several key documents online, including Dick's' report to the board. Guess they don't care if it's late.

Also missing is the chairman of the board's report. No due date?

Also missing are a whole host of other reports. WTF?
To contrast, reports that actually link to actual information appear in blue on the Metro website.

Oh, and apparently gone is the language promising to post board materials on time. (This is from a cached version.)

Every day, Metro becomes more secretive and alienated from the people who pay for it to "run."

Oh, and the Metro board is hiring a secretary. Hope it pays less than the essential,  $114,733 senior writer job (first on the list) Metro is going to fill for their already massive and failing PR department. 
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