Thursday, October 25, 2012


Via @MeisnereCMP: New escalators at DuPont south not working. @wmata @unsuckdcmetro #fail

Update 2: @MeisnereCMP reports there were no fire trucks of any kind around Dupont when the photo was taken. They also said Metro employees in the kiosk were chatting normally.

Update: Metro says the escalator was out of service because of a false fire alarm.

As Metro GM Dick Sarles gave his report to the Metro board, his first self congratulatory comment was about the reopening of Dupont South. The room erupted in applause.

At the same time, at least one of the new escalators was already out of service, not even a week after the grand reopening ribbon cutting, which Sarles announced Metro had streamed online.

If you're interested in the root causes for Metro's escalator woes, and why throwing money at the problem won't help, check out this post from a while back.
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