Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When did Metro's Slide Start?

When did Metro begin its long, sad slide into suck?

On a post a few days ago, a comment sub thread developed that hearkened back to the good ol' Metro of yore.

I lived in DC in the '90s, and while I didn't commute via Metro, I rode it a lot, and I don't remember it being so bad. I know for sure I never dreaded having to take Metro.

More importantly, it actually seemed to be a friendly, responsible part of the fabric of the DC area community instead of a Stalinist, secretive, inefficient and expensive excuse machine.

So, while I know DC is home to a lot of newcomers, it's time for some old timers (always a relative term in a city as transient as DC) to chime in about how they remember Metro in the past.

Share your memories and remind us that there is perhaps some hope and that Metro didn't always suck.

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