Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doors Open on Moving Train

Via @monicaarpino Nothing like the breeze of open metro doors - while moving. Red line b/n Van Ness & Tenleytown. @unsuckdcmetro http://pic.twitter.com/Knkteaxu

This is really not safe.

From Anonymous:
My wife just called me and told me an employee of hers was somewhere on the Red Line within the last hour or so, and the doors opened mid-tunnel and stayed open until the next stop where the train was taken out of service. I don't have any more details than that.

UPDATE: Metro source confirms these accounts.

UPDATE 2: via Facebook:
I was on the Red line this morning when the train had just left the station and was gaining speed headed to Takoma. The right hand doors opened and we were kinda shocked to see that and then the train stopped. The doors stayed opened and then the left hand panel of the left side doors opened. The train started moving again with the doors opened and then they all closed. Bam! It was quite shocking. Thank God it was a train that had just started at Silver Spring and was not full. This is just totally NOT acceptable! Sent a comment into metro but I am SURE I will not hear back.

Update 3:

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