Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waste of Money and Space?

From anonymous:
Does anyone in Metro management have a brain?

Have you seen those "Rush+" posters everywhere that have the new Metro map in the background?

Did it ever occur to any of the Einsteins at Metro that those posters could have also been used as actual, useful maps to explain Rush+?

Instead, Metro PR wizards plopped a HUGE Rush+ logo right in the middle of the map, rendering the whole thing mere clutter on the wall.

If anyone at Metro had been thinking, they could have shrunk the logo just a bit and put it in the lower right, making a perfectly useable map in addition to being a promotion of Rush+.

They seem to have gotten these asinine posters up everywhere and pretty quickly. I read it's going to take months to switch out all the official maps.

Way to go, Metro!

No one there thinks, and that both infuriates and scares me.
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