Friday, May 4, 2012

"Work with the Community, Not Against Us"

We all have had it drilled into our heads. We all know Metro is undergoing a "massive rebuilding effort."

But for many, it's getting to the point that Metro is just unusable during weekends and even during off-peak service on weekdays.

It's as if Metro is thinking construction must go on, riders be damned.

I wonder what kind of long-term effect this will have on riders. I'm guessing more than a few people will learn to live without Metro and never return.

From anonymous:
Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that Metro is closing so much on a weekend when there's a home Caps playoff game, a Nats homestand against the Phillies an Avon "Walk for Breast Cancer" and who knows what else?

I think the only part of their release that's probably accurate is telling those along the Green Line to add 50 minutes to their travel time. I don't see many people lining up for that "service."

For all the other lines--that's right ALL the other lines--they say to add 10 minutes. As someone who's used Metro on the weekends recently, I can say without hesitation that's nonsense. Add at least a half hour for each leg of your trip.

Come on Metro, we know you have a lot to do, but work WITH the community you serve, not against us. Does Metro have ANY common sense?

I will be going to all the Nats game--on my bike!
I'm tempted to think Metro is using the results of its push poll to justify all of this.

Remember this question?
Which would you prefer?

*Metro should maintain its accelerated construction schedule to finish as soon as possible.
*Metro should slow down even at the risk that there may be more breakdowns and disruptions.
Who chose the second option? Not many.

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