Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Metro takes Safety Gamble with Platform Crowding

Via @ The scene at Metro Center

Looks like Metro learned no lessons from the dangerous overcrowding at Rosslyn last year. One day, there's going to be a serious incident because of this "phenomenon."

From Liz:
On Monday, I was at Farragut West when the platform there was so crowded [because of a broken train] I felt like if someone sneezed, I would be blown onto the tracks.

Thinking my Metro bad luck was over for the week, I ended up at Metro Center (see above) last night, and it was even worse! Super dangerous!

How can Metro get away with it?

I understand that part of the [Metro Center] problem was a sick rider, but I think Metro should have better communications in place so that people can avoid the situation. I got nothing in my email before heading in.

When I got to the station, there was no warning about what was going on inside, so I swiped my card. Once I saw the chaos, my first reaction was to get out, but knowing I'd have to pay just to leave made me think twice about handing Metro my money for nothing. Human nature, right? I did end up leaving.

Furthermore, I wonder why the station managers aren't empowered to give riders a heads up. It wouldn't have been too hard for the station manager at Metro Center to stand at the fare gates and just say something like 'big delays, it might be better to try something else to get where you're trying to go. Here are the alternate bus routes." I don't know. Something proactive to minimize platform crowding.

Seriously, Metro, I want to work with you here, but you make it so very, very hard when you don't try to meet me halfway or take my safety into account.
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