Thursday, May 3, 2012

"We will use our pride as a shield against any attack they wage against us."

That Washington Times series of articles really got under Metro's skin. First Ol' Sarlesy comes out with this milquetoast "rebuttal," and now, I've gotten a copy of another "response."

This time, it's from Hercules Ballard, Managing Director, Office of Rail Transport.

As with Sarles' letter, it addresses none of the issues brought up by the Times.

It's quite a read. I encourage you to check out the whole thing (page one and page two), but here's the start:
Dear Co-workers:

First, I want to apologize for the article that was written in the Washington Times which aimed at showing us in a negative light. I am not surprised that an ignorant person made some inaccurate statements. Webster defines ignorance as "The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed." In other words, "he doesn't know us or what we do - so forget him." If he did know you, he would be singing a different tune. His depiction of you would be changed from inept to incredible, impressive, wondrous, stupendous, or amazing. Let us all learn from this and know we can never give others the power to define us or our self-worth. That power should remain inside each of you.

People use this type of tactic when there is nothing obviously wrong with you;their only weapon is to attack you with negative words to make you feel bad about yourself. Well, partner...
It only gets better. The inauguration "miracle" from more than three years ago? Yeah, they're still hyping that!

This article about behaviors that precede a scandal is also interesting and apropos.

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