Friday, May 11, 2012

Employees Continue Using Vests for Free Parking

Via @TUTAZGAMD: @wmata leaving work & yet again the same car @ = expired meter with a WMATA vest in the window...

Many Metro employees love to use the safety vests as free parking passes. They've been shamed several times on this blog, and it has even been picked up by the mainstream media, yet they continue to do it. Sort of Metro in a nutshell.

The above is a repeat offender spotted at Grosvenor, according to @TUTAZGAMD.

The good news is that @TUTAZGAMD called Transit Police who promptly came out and ticketed the car.


@mattheweide, did some research on the tags, and it looks like this particular car has racked up quite a bill in DC.

click for larger

The bad news is another violator showed up the next day.

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