Monday, June 11, 2012

"None of your G*d D*mn Business"

From Frank:
Dear Mr. Sarles,

On Saturday, June 9th, a WMATA employee illegally parked a WMATA vehicle (number 18020) in a handicap space located in Arlington County at the Virginia Square Metro Station (see attached photos). To be specific, this handicap spot is located on the northern part of North Monroe Street near Fairfax Drive. As the driver of the vehicle got out of his car, I simply asked the gentleman if there was a reason he had parked in a handicap spot. He did not reply. As he was heading toward the elevator, I mentioned that I have a brother who is handicapped and frequently is unable to find handicap parking because people think, "I'll be two minutes" is acceptable. I asked him if he was going to move his car; he stated, "its none of your G-- D--- business".

Aside from his behavior and use of language, I take this very seriously. As stated, my brother is a paraplegic as well as an aunt who is a quadriplegic. For them, it is nearly impossible to find handicap parking because people "run in and run out" leaving their vehicle unattended. A quick two minute stop can mean the difference in them parking or having to look elsewhere.

I highly doubt in the WMATA's operating manual(s) does it allow vehicles to park in handicap spots.

I know as a tax paying citizen in Arlington County, if I were to park in this spot, I would get a ticket.

This is unacceptable to me. In this certain situation, I am not looking for an apology letter from anyone. I believe it to be reasonable for this individual to pay the maximum fine according to the sign. I am also requesting a response as to further disciplinary action(s) that will take place. His behavior and conduct also needs to be addressed.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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