Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rush+: No Problem! We're Metro!

Via Jeff on Facebook: Because nothing helps a car load full of confused tourists like a newly installed metro map that is missing the blue, orange, and yellow line colors! Someone not only approved this to go out, another Metro employee installed it!

In a huge bureaucracy like Metro, no telling how many departments and people this map had to pass through before being placed in a car.

That a map so obviously missing crucial elements made it through all of that is scary and makes you wonder about safety critical stuff, too.

Many of my sources have sent me photos of slipshod work permeating car maintenance, ATC and other critical areas of Metro. Unfortunately, I can't publish them without implicating them, but there's no doubt Metro has a bad case of half-assery (and here).

Oh, and you just gotta love Metro's response, too. Reminds me of the "phenomenon" of Orange Crush.

That's it. The sign just jumped up off the printer, wandered out of the door and "made its way," not onto a Metro car, but onto the Internet. Couldn't be helped. Just happened.

Sneaky map. Maybe it was just bucking for for some paid time off for misbehaving.

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