Monday, June 25, 2012

Rush+ Avoidance Guide

Riders aren't the only ones who don't like Rush+. Metro sources tell me a lot of front line employees aren't big fans either.

The reason? One employee said in an email "I think Metro really screwed up counting how many people ride the Blue Line." Another said that has led to Blue Line riders "piling up" from Metro Center to Rosslyn. This has led to offloads because of overcrowding. This reduces already reduced capacity and cascades problems onto the Orange Line.

They called Rush+ a "clusterf*ck."

Yet another said, "I don't know why Metro promised such a big deal when they were just robbing Peter to pay Paul. They set everyone up to be disappointed."

Have you found any tips to avoid Rush+? Share them in the comments.

Here's Metro's tip:

Via @KittiesSleeping: @wmata @unsuckdcmetro this is a joke right? Do you people even ride the metro? tried this, doesn't work.

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