Monday, July 12, 2010

Bus Driver Wannabe Fails Initiation Rite

Most training programs end with some sort of culminating event, a crucible one must survive in order to be part of the team.

Many organizations keep the details of these rites of passage secret, but on Friday, we may have caught a glimpse into just what it takes to be initiated in the ranks of McGruff punching, prostitute soliciting, drug dealing, knife wielding, red light running, pedestrian terrorizing Metrobus drivers.

Apparently, it goes something like this:

In broad daylight:

1. Obtain a bus driver uniform
2. Sneak into a bus garage
3. Obtain the keys to a bus
4. Drive like a bat out of hell through the city streets preferably a) terrorizing pedestrians or b) hitting a tree.
5. Ditch bus when cops catch on
6. Flee the scene
7. Lead cops on a foot chase
8. Make your way back to the garage for the initiation ceremony without being caught by police

Sadly, this candidate didn't quite make the cut. He was nabbed by the cops before making it back to safety. Lucky for him, he'll just have to start the training course again and hope he can complete the final task successfully next time.

Thanks to @seneco for originally tweeting this incident

Photo: Wayan_vota

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Matt G said...

It's remarkable he was able to accomplish so much...but then again, is it REALLY? Slipping past sleepy security guards apparently is pretty much all it takes to steal a $550,000 piece of equipment. What I do think was funny is that he was apparently doing a job better than most drivers until he struck the tree. The eye witness claimed he was driving very well up until the incident.

Chris said...

The sad thing was - he had better on-time and customer satisfaction scores than REAL bus drivers! I say drop the charges.

Anonymous said...

The Post article I read yesterday said that the buses do not need keys.....maybe something that needs to be changed?!

Will said...

4. Drive like a bat out of hell through the city streets preferably a) terrorizing pedestrians or b) hitting a tree.

Apparently he was a pretty good operator until he hit the tree.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Will (10:09)

"My flight was nice until we crashed."

Anonymous said...

well, now that he's a criminal he is perfect hiring material for WMATA and that union. He'd fit right in and he'd probably learn more criminal ways from his coworkers. Apparently the union wants to group as many criminals together as possible, just like prison, so they can learn from eachother.

Jim@ARL said...

The only thing that makes him different from a real Metro bus driver is that the union probably won't be arguing to get him back in a drivers' seat.

Anonymous said...

Not only the employees have drug and criminal records, FYI.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, he may apply on Metro's e-Website.
Not just bus and train drivers have drug and criminal records.
See my point?

Anonymous said...

why are so many of you passenger so worry about metro when half of the public don't pay the full fare an the other half try to cheet the system ?

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