Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rider who Peed Foiled by Rider Good Deed

From Tyler: I was visiting DC for my college orientation, and on the way home, we found this. Oh, and the smell verified the note.

We asked Metro how much they spent in seat cushion repair, and this is what they said:
Metro seat cushions are repaired by an outside contractor. In calendar year 2009, Metro repaired approximately 19,000 seat cushions (seats and backs). Due to the competitive bidding process required to obtain these contracts, we are not able to provide a dollar amount. 
That Metro won't reveal a price tag is telling. A rough calculation would say that there are about 150,000 wee pads cushions in the system. Multiply that by what you think it would cost to repair one (remember, this is Metro), and you come up with a pretty large number no matter what.

Please, please do NOT put cloth seats in the new cars, Metro.

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