Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Fun Happy Slide

Safety first!

@jaredev: - Great way to exit #wmata Dupont circle metro stop. Some kind of fire.


Chris said...

Come on, Grandma, put some effort into it!

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE. I was there tonight. This video you see doesn't even do the "utter failure and incompetent response by the metro/fire/police" justice. After getting off a train we were told to get on the middle or right escalators of the south exit because of the fire. So a quarter of the way walking up the stalled middle escalator (now filled with ppl), the Metro/police/fire put gates at the TOP AND BOTTOM of the middle escalator, BLOCKING THOSE OF US WHO WERE ON THE MIDDLE escalators and preventing us from going up or down or exiting.. we couldn't even move. We were literally stuck.

It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. There was an absolute standstill on the middle stairs because we couldn't go down and we couldnt go up after they f*cking blocked us in. After 30 min or so on the middle escalators, when we finally got to the top, we had to jump over the handrails to get to the right staircase to get out of the metro station. This included all the elderly people, women in skirts and anyone with disabilities (but who could still take the stairs). Evenmore unbelievable, Firefighters and Police officers were just watching all of us STUCK on the middle staircase. At the top was a firefighter who was not even helping people jump over the railing onto the next staircase. I had to help a woman who was in a skirt and twice my size (I am a thin young woman) because she was too short and no one (Like the firefighters!!) were helping her jump over the damn railing.

AND this whole time, firegfighters and police were taking the left escalator down (as the left escalator was working.. going down. Seriously). It was UNBELIEVABLE.

Clearly if the Police/Firefighters and Metro can't get the riders out of an escalator jam, we are FUCKED for a real fire or Jesus forbid, a terrorist attack.

I want to reiterate that the middle escalator was broken and FILLED with people who were trying to walk up and exit (per the direction of metro personnel) and all of a sudden, the genius metro and emergency workers put up those big gates blocking BOTH the top and bottom of our escalator so we could neither go up (to exit) or down (to get on the right escalator).

One guy even jumped to the left escalator, which again was working but going down, filled only with a few firefighters who were hanging out probably shooting the shit watching the rest of us stranded on the broken escalator, and he ran all the way up that thing (backwards) and beat the rest of us who were stranded on the middle escalator.

INCOMPETENT is how you spell Metro and the emergency crew who were there tonight.


Anonymous said...

The escalators were actually like that all day. I took it coming up at 9 am and the middle and right escalator were stalled with the middle one blocked off and everyone had to hop over to the right. Wish I could say I'm shocked that it continued on like that all day (and right through a fire), though.

Anonymous said...

Metro is a complete disaster.

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