Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The New Face of Metro Customer Service

From Patricia:
The other morning at Eastern Ave and Randolph St., NE, I waited for 75 minutes for the G8 to Farragut Square.

Two buses in a row didn't show. One broke down, the other simply vanished. The G8 often vanishes.

I called Metro to report it, as did others waiting there with me.

When a real, working bus finally showed up, people were very angry and taking it out on the poor driver.

One of the other passengers called Metro while we were on the bus, and the woman on the other end of the line accused him of lying because the system showed a bus came through 30 minutes earlier.

He handed his phone to other passengers so they could vouch for his story, and the Metro employee hung up after telling the man again that he was wrong.

One particularly outraged older lady was yelling to passengers as they got on, "Don't pay! You waited too long already! Don't give them any more money! This ain't no way to run Metro!"
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