Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday, @RCarBar tweeted:
Car just invaded by teens supposedly from the boys & girls club asking for $...anyone know if these guys are legit?
The general consensus was that this was as bogus as a Metro excuse.

Thanks to @gtcaz for sending the following from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington website:
BGCGW is not affiliated with any on-foot individuals or street vendors that sell goods for the purpose of raising money for our clubs or related programs. These merchants are often found soliciting in front of high foot-traffic establishments, such as major grocery stores, drug store chains, metro stations and home improvement retail outlets among others.
Apparently, the BGCGW scam is not the only scam going on in Metro, and there may even be an animal cracker scam afoot. (More info please, if you've seen this one.)

And here's another potential scam from Jared:
You know those guys that come up to you with a folder and some papers asking you to donate to their football team? Three of them were working Green Line trains the other night on the way to the Nats game.

One guy sat down next to a tourist, cornering the tourist in the bench seat asking for money while his two buddies accosted other passengers. I'd call it a soft-arm robbery.

Anyone else seen this tactic?

The "fundraiser" was a black male, 18-22, with a trimmed goatee. He didn't look like he was in high school, and he was likely too young to be a coach.

None of the individuals were wearing any team or high school related t-shirts.
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