Monday, July 18, 2011

Station Manager Ambivalent about Gun-Toting Teen

From Kenneth:
I'm a long time Metro rider. I take the Yellow and Red lines from Alexandria (Braddock Road) to Silver Spring each day.

It is terrible to ride nowadays.

I don't see how anyone can tell me Metro is improving.

However, one of my dealings with this transit agency, which took place on the evening of June 23, really takes the cake.

I was jogging at around 8:10 in Alexandria, when I came across a youth who was carrying a handgun in the waist of his pants.

He was headed in the direction of the Braddock Road station on a footpath adjacent to Buchanan St., so I thought it would be best to report this to the King Street Metro station manager, since that was the closest place I could report such a thing.

I sprinted to the station, and was met with complete ambivalence and laziness.

When I told the manager that a youth with a gun was headed in the direction of the Braddock Road station, he said muttered a bored "yeah."

He then said that he'd "take care of it."

He remained stationary in his chair.

I told him I could describe the youth, but he said nothing.

He then motioned for me to leave the station, saying again that he would "take care of it."

Whenever I have dealt with law enforcement officials, they want to know details.

Hell, when I've reported suspicious behavior to other station managers, they've asked questions. This station manager did nothing. He actually reclined in his chair during the conversation!

I ended up running over to a Hilton hotel nearby the King Street Metro, where the desk clerk called the Alexandria police department. An officer arrived within about three minutes and took my information.

Such ambivalence about a youth with a gun, walking in the direction of another station (in a residential neighborhood) is heinous.

I reported this as a complaint to Metro the next day. I genuinely doubt I will get any response.
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