Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Crazy PIDs these Days!

@jdb820 This picture (at Columbia Heights) is beyond the impossible! #wmata @unsuckdcmetro

Oh Metro. Your PIDs were once a bragging right and separated you from some other mass transit systems, but alas, like the rest of you, they've fallen into a state of disrepair that they're now a joke.

Just yesterday, all PIDs were off by several minutes, and last week, on the Blue and Orange lines at least, the signs were displaying the wrong train as arriving, leading many in the wrong direction.

Got a funny PIDs pic to share? You can in the comments if the pic is hosted somewhere like Twitpic or Flickr. Just use the HTML image tag to link DIRECTLY to the photo, not the page where the photo is hosted. Email works, too.

If you took this, let me know. Will credit.

From Deandra

From @cjrock

From tempsperdu. Van Dorn PIDs

via @umichgrad07

@TehRubenDC Thank you, #wmata. Apparnetly the orange line is never again getting trains.

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