Friday, October 1, 2010

Love that Chicken from Popeye's

  • In what seemed like a huge backslapping fest (audio of meeting), the Metro Board celebrated a decline in rider complaints. Perhaps, Metro, the explanation is that people are tired of sending their complaints into what seems like a black hole.
  • But to be fair, things may, in fact, be getting better at Metro. In 2009, they were rear ending trains, while in 2010, they're just rear ending buses, injuring many, but thankfully, none seriously.
  • A Metro Board member slipped and injured his leg BOARDING A METRO TRAIN WHILE ON THE WAY to a Metro Board meeting. (While ironic, it's good to know that at least some Board members actually take Metro. We hope Mr. Euille will continue taking Metro after his experience with the slippery-when-wet tiles. Here's to a speedy recovery.)
  • And finally, who knew you could pay for the bus with chicken from Popeye's? Soon, you'll be able to fill your SmarTrip card with Popeye's, KFC or Bojangles', and rumor is that deals with McD's and BK are in the works. What else have you seen used as currency on Metrobuses?

Only on Metro, the best ride in the nation.

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