Thursday, October 7, 2010

You should have Chased the Bus!

From Andrew:
On Sept. 29 at 6:30 p.m., I was involved in a hit and run while driving on 16th Street, NW. The Metrobus, S1 number 2150, cut me off and clipped the side and front of my car, causing some minor damage, and kept driving!

I called the transit police, and they said it wasn't their jurisdiction.

I have filed a police report with the DC police, who couldn't be more friendly and cooperative. (This was totally different than what I expected.)

They told me Metro will not give them the name of the bus driver, even though I gave them the bus number and route number.

Less than two hours after filing the police report last week, the DC police told me Metro called them twice to try to get them to not file the report.

It has been a week since I talked to Metro's risk management office to file the claim. They keep saying someone will get back to me in a "day or two."

When I was able to reach someone there, they told me I should have chased the bus down and confronted the driver to find out why he cut me off and hit me!

The DC police told me that would not have been a very good idea.

I'm going to let my insurance fix my car and have them chase Metro down for damages. I cannot believe how uncooperative Metro has been. I can only imagine if this had been more serious.

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