Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Proactive Rider Steps in where Metro Worker Won't

From an anonymous reader:
When leaving the platform from a Huntington-bound Blue Line train at Crystal City, several customers noticed that a woman was sprawled out on the platform floor unconscious.

Some of these customers, myself included, went to tell the station manager of this medical emergency.

Upon hearing the news, the person in the booth--an elderly black male with peppered hair and a mustache--simply stayed in the booth and did nothing. He even went on to take another customer's question unrelated to the medical emergency below.

After waiting around for 20 seconds and not seeing him do anything, I called 911 myself and had an ambulance dispatched as a precautionary measure.

I know Metro pretends to care about safety in a precautionary way; but this woman was obviously ill, and the station employee didn't seem to care and/or know what to do. For shame!
Here's Metro's response to an email this rider sent them:
Your email was received by Metro's Rail Transportation Customer Service. Please excuse this delinquent response due to workflow back-log. Contrary to your experience with the station manager when reporting a women laying on the platform in need of medical attention, our employees are trained on emergencies. The station manager on duty should have accessed the problem and immediately called our Operations Central Control who in turn would have dispatched a supervisor and called for medical assistance.

We appreciate you being proactive and calling 911. I forwarded a copy of your email to the supervisor of station managers at Huntington Metro to investigate and take appropriate action such as remedial training. Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention.

Marjorie Strother
Rail Transportation
Customer Service Representative
Case number 576746

"Safety is our number one priority"
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