Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sorry, these Doors are Manual

Illustration. Do not do this. Pic courtesy Keri

From Phil in Arlington:
Like so many days on the Orange Line into DC, the whole trip was stop and go, testing people’s stomachs by the time we got to As we were trying to leave Foggy Bottom, the train doors began to act up--typical Metro morning fun.

After the doors were opened and closed a half dozen times or so, the train operator got on the PA and said “we have a door problem, please stand clear of the doors.”

When that didn’t solve the problem, the operator got back on the PA and said “Passengers, the error is on the front car, please assist in standing clear of the doors.”

When THAT didn’t work, the train operator warned everyone that the train was going to be offloaded if they couldn’t fix the doors.

From where I stood in the second car, I looked through to see if I could see the door problem. I spotted a young lady give the malfunctioning doors a full on shoulder check followed by a big kick.

They shut. It worked!

It wasn’t until three stops later that a Metro technician showed up.
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