Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crime Spike Triggers University of Maryland Advisory

A crime spike on Metro under the tenure of embattled Metro Transit Police Department Chief Michael Taborn, has triggered the University of Maryland to issue an unusual "safety advisory," encouraging students and employees to utilize "walking escorts" and shuttle buses around the College Park Metro station.

The advisory cites the well publicized fight at Gallery Place/L'Enfant back in August, the recent assault at L'Enfant, and an incident we'd never heard about in which a group of juveniles, exited a train at Union Station and threw a jug of tea at a man, breaking his nose.

From an anonymous reader:
The email advisory with the subject "Safety Advisory - DC Metro System Incidents" was sent to what I assume is the entire University of Maryland community (I am a grad student.).

I find it incredibly troubling that the university felt that security on Metro is so abominable that they needed to issue a warning about it, and encourage the UMD community to utilize shuttles and escorts.

Past emails from the Department of Public Safety have included "crime alerts" (muggings and robberies on and around campus), fraudulent emails and such, thought I can't recall any that started with "safety advisory."

Were I a parent whose 17 or 18 year old were considering UMD, Howard, Catholic, GW, AU or GMU such communication would certainly make me think twice about the school, the community and the safety of the entire metro DC area.
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