Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Metro's eAlerts Useful?

From anonymous:
So after being stuck between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom for over 20 minutes, missing my connecting bus, and being late to work AGAIN, I was continuously checking my Blackberry to see an email update to let me know how much longer I'd be stuck, but lo and behold, there were no email updates!

Yet, my email account got spammed overnight by 10 different email updates, reading the same exact thing, about construction on the Blue and Yellow lines.

My question is, Metro, when, if ever, are you going to get your act together? I signed up for these updates so that I can call my office and let them know when I'll be late, but since I almost NEVER get them, I'm always late, and don't call ahead.

Am I the only one that has the problem?
Here's part of Metro's disclaimer about eAlerts:
There are inherent problems associated with providing text messaging information. As such, Metro does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free nor does Metro make any warranty regarding the reliability of information on the status of Metro operations and services. The customer who subscribes to Metro's text messaging service agrees that the use is at the customer's sole risk and expense and without any liability on the part of Metro.
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