Monday, November 28, 2011

What's the Pee Policy?

The station manager at East Falls church regularly lets riders into the restroom there, no questions asked.

Then again, I've had other station managers rudely tell me "no" without explanation.

Then, there's stuff like this.

Looking through the WMATA website, I found this audit of restroom accessibility. In it, it recommends revisiting the rules, which were summed up as follows:
“The Station Manager on duty has sole discretion to accept or reject customer requests for use of facilities.” The Special Order also states that WMATA’s “policy is to make a restroom available to customers in limited circumstances. The limitation is necessary to control crime and maintain security.”
The report also recommended Metro look into allowing station managers to remotely open restrooms so they wouldn't have to escort riders.

It also mentioned studying restrooms like these. (Is this still there?)

No idea if Metro followed up on any of the recommendations, but it would appear that restroom accessibility remains solely up to the station manager.

Could a more liberal or consistent policy help with the sick passenger problem?

What has been your experience?

Of course, it's unclear if some employees use said toilets at all.

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