Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Metro, Always have a Plan B

From anonymous:
Leaving a concert at DAR Constitution Hall Sunday night, we caught the Red Line from Farragut North a little after eleven o'clock, headed home to Twinbrook. The ride was fine, the train was not crowded, no drunks.

When we got to Twinbrook my wife and I stood up as the train slowed down. It stopped short of the platform, then pulled forward, then slowed, lurched forward again, pulled up and then started accelerating and went right through the station without stopping.

I got on the intercom and said "What happened to Twinbrook?"

The driver started to answer me then made an announcement which kept cutting out, but he did say clearly that there would be a train coming through Rockville station in five minutes to take us back to Twinbrook.

Of course, you know the next part. Eight or ten of us exited the train at Rockville, to learn that the last train of the day had already left.

Luckily, we were able to call our adult son to get us.

While we waited, a somewhat panicked man pulled up and asked what had happened -- he had been at Twinbrook when the train passed through with his wife on it, he said she doesn't ride the Metro often and was probably scared.

As we got ready to leave, another woman tapped on our window. Her car was at Twinbrook, and she asked if we could give her a ride. We were going there anyway, so she got in.

We left another couple and a woman inside the station trying to reason with the station manager, I don't know how that worked out for them, but we didn't have any more room.
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