Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's that Foul Smell?

Looking these tweets, it would appear Metro broke into one of the remaining boxes of organic brake pads.

According to a source, Metro, in an effort to reduce brake dust (Metro said), ordered a whole bunch of organic brake pads not too long ago. The source said they recalled 10,000 were purchased, but couldn't be sure of the exact number.

What Metro never bothered to find out before making the purchase was that the pads, when used, caused a horrible odor similar to rotting fish or decaying flesh.

Seriously, when you smell these things, you'll come to appreciate Metro's regular, acrid smokey brake smell for how relatively inoffensive it is.

The source said Metro tried to return the stinking lot of pads when they realized the awful smell they caused, but the vendor would not take them back.

Another source said Metro has been using the odoriferous pads in dribs and drabs so as to "not stink up the entire system."

Yesterday, Metro told the Examiner they didn't know what caused the smell, but that it was nothing to worry about.

So, next time Metro smells like a fish market late on an August afternoon, you now know it's probably not a dead animal, or worse.

Thanks, Metro. Next time, shop before you buy.

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