Friday, February 22, 2013

A Rider Bill of Rights?

Reader Kathryn submitted a draft of a possible Metro rider bill of rights yesterday in response to Metro contemplating arresting riders who "self evacuate."

Please make any additions or suggestions in the comments and vote on them using the thumbs up/down button. I'll incorporate popular changes or suggestions into a final version.

 Let's see how far we can push this idea.

1. WMATA passengers have the right to a safe and clean riding environment, free from the threat of crime or safety violations, including in the parking lots, bus boarding areas, escalators, train boarding platforms, and the trains and buses.

2. WMATA passengers have the right to timely and regular updates as to whether key accessibility aspects of the WMATA transportation system are in working order, including escalators and elevators.

3. WMATA passengers shall not be held against their will in unbearable conditions on a stalled train. Unbearable conditions include, but are not limited to, excessive heat, excessive cold, lack of air circulation, or hazardous materials.

4. WMATA passengers have the right to disembark any bus or train that is stalled for more than 30 minutes.

5. WMATA passengers have the right to immediate assistance from trained police and medical personnel in the event of a crime or medical emergency. WMATA passengers shall not be denied access to the MTPD if the WMATA police are unable to respond in a timely fashion.

6. WMATA passengers have the right to courteous and professional interactions with WMATA personnel at all times.

7. WMATA passengers have the right to swift resolution of their problems or referral to a department that can assist them.
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