Monday, February 11, 2013

Nickel-and-Diming Riders? Part 1

From Aaron:
I recently setup Auto Reload on my registered SmarTrip card.

The credit card that was on the account became compromised, and I had to wait to receive a new one as the credit card company canceled it.

During this time my SmarTrip dropped below the $20 minimum, and Metro could not charge the credit card, naturally.

By the time I got the new card, I got an email from Metro stating that they cancelled the Auto Reload and wiped my SmarTrip clean of any funds because they could not charge my credit card.

 I had about $19 and some change left on the card.

I do not understand why they would zero out my SmarTrip card.

That is my money.  They charged my credit card. Why would Metro steal from me?

I have tried calling and emailing the address and phone number on the back of the card, but my pleas to reimburse my card have gone unanswered.

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