Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nickel-and-Diming Riders? Part 2

From Robin:
About a year ago, I switched jobs. At my former and current places of employment, I have had SmartBenefits deducted from my paycheck, pre-tax. Unlike government employees, I was not given extra money from my employers.
Since I already had a SmartTrip card registered, I used my current card's information when I registered for pre-tax deductions from my new employer. Whenever I was due to receive benefits from my paycheck, my account was frozen and wiped of all stored SmartBenefits. Due to vacation I had to take at my previous job before I left (no unused vacation payout), I had $80 and some change in SmartBenefits stored. My SmartBenefits from my new job were also not added because the account was frozen.

After talking to a somewhat helpful customer service representative, I was told that since I had benefits from a previous employer on my card, I could not receive benefits from my new employer and the card was frozen. I was told that a card can be connected to only one employer at a time. She was able to update the card with my new employer's information, and in about 36 hours, I was able to start using the SmartBenefits from my new employer. Until then, I survived on paper fare cards.

I was also told that the $80 and some change that was taken out of my paycheck, pre-tax, would revert back to my old employer and I would have to get it from them. Of course, I contacted both HR and payroll at my old job and told them the situation. They said they didn't know of such a policy since the money was taken out of my paycheck, but as soon as they received it, [they said] I would receive a check from them. Three months passed with me calling SmartTrip Customer Service and calling and emailing my old employer multiple times, each claiming the other would have the money. After numerous attempts, I cut my losses and accepted I would never see that $80 again.

I can't be the only person in this situation. Where does the money go?

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