Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Signs, More Waste

From Melanie:
Why is Metro putting up new, fancy signs that have a shelf life of less than a year?
I can understand that if Metro put up signs with Silver Line information now, it could be confusing, but why don't they just wait a few more months to put them up instead of creating these interim signs? We coped fine without them. Another few months won't make a difference.

I'm guessing that since this is Metro, all new signs will be put up when the Silver Line opens.

The waste, or more likely stupidity, at Metro is amazing.  It's harder and harder to resist the notion that Metro is a jobs program and then a transit system.

This sign is at Ballston, but there are much more intricate signs in the city showing the Blue Line connections through Rosslyn, for example.They can't be cheap.

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