Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Metro Execs Take Home Bonus Pay

Poor performance and generous salaries don't preclude Metro's leadership from being awarded bonus pay.

According to information provided to this blog in a freedom of information request, Metro's number two, Dave Kubicek, got  $5,000 in bonuses over the past two years. Kubicek makes a salary in excess of $240,000, plus a $30,000 housing allowance.

Metro's chief safety officer James Dougherty, took home over $185,000 in annual salary and was awarded a tidy $9,000 in bonuses.

Metro's chief propagandist, Assistant General Manager for Customer Service, Communications and Marketing, Lynn Bowersox, a newer member of the so-called executive leadership team took in $10,000 in bonuses. I couldn't find her salary, but one would assume it's in line with the other assistant general managers at around $190,000 per year.

Shiva Pant, Metro's chief of staff, made over $172,000 in salary and also walked away with $3,000 in bonuses, as did Metro's chief information officer, Kevin Borek, who makes $185,000 per annum. Yet another assistant general manager--Metro has five--Arthur Troup, made $5,000 in bonuses. Troup makes $190,000 a year.

The biggest beneficiary of Metro's taxpayer funded largesse was police chief Michael Taborn, who got $15,000 in bonuses on top of a salary of over $181,000.

The board wanted to give Metro GM Richard Sarles a bonus on top of his $350,000 salary, a $60,000 housing allowance and $3,200 per month pension from NJ Transit, where he used to work. Sarles at least had the sense to turn down the bonus offer. Not like he really needed it.

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