Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Too Much to ask Metro Staff to be Vigilant?

From Josh:
At about 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 15, I was getting off the Branch Ave.-bound Green Line train at Naylor Road. As I was going down one of the rarely working escalators, a guy in his mid thirties was running up the escalators.

You could see in his eyes he had a malicious intent.

After pushing his way up the escalator, the punk started to raise his voice at a lady on the platform. As I was midway down the escalator,  the lady began to scream for help.  Everyone on the escalator, say 20 or so (and presumably everyone on the platform) turned around to watch what was going on. From my angle, I could see her head was level with the platform floor so she must have been knocked down. 

No one did anything as she screamed for help.

I ran down the escalator and saw a MTPD officer and SEVERAL WMATA employees in the kiosk. Apparently, the cameras and monitors they have are a waste of money because they, too, did nothing. 

As the punk passed everyone again on his way back, I informed the MTPD officer that the guy that just skipped the line at the turnstile without paying also just beat the sh*t out of a girl on the platform. They proceeded to mount up and chase the punk.

Apparently, this neighborhood is full of cowards--the kind of able-bodied young men/cowards that would hear a women scream for help and do nothing. But that is outside of WMATA's scope.

But what is within WMATA's scope is the station attendants in the booth chatting the day away and not watching nor listening to what is going on.

The southern portion of the Green Line isn't exactly a retirement community. The staff should be vigilant at all times of their surroundings. 

Either have staff willing to work, instead of taking siestas, or fire them all and reduce my cost by a few pennies.

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