Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Riders Give Details of Possible Metro Creepers

From an anonymous reader:
Be on the lookout for a armed, black male, mid to late 20s, 160-185 pounds, who dresses high-end urban casual who is robbing people between Potomac Ave. and Minnesota Ave. in the evening rush.

 I was his target just three Tuesday evenings ago, and he shoved a gun in my side and took everything on my person

He was wearing very nice back twill pants, a neon green shell jacket a baseball cap that had Raptors basketball logo on it.  He had an RG III haircut and was drunk.

Do what he says and get a call to 911 ASAP.
There are some reports of armed robberies on this segment on the latest Metro Transit Police blotter from December.

Another reader warns of a possible stalker. She said he's a 40-55 year-old Caucasian male, 6'-6'3", thin with thinning, light brown hair and balding at the top. He has thin, metal, Harry Potter-shaped glasses, light colored eyes (semi close together), large pointy noise and tends to swivel head often. He wears casual slacks, layered professional jackets, and solid black gym shoes.

The reader claims to have had five encounters with the man, four of them on the Orange Line. The encounters all involve what they called intense, menacing staring. The woman said it was so bad that she felt "threatened and extremely uncomfortable."

In one encounter:
He literally followed me off the same car of a Metro train despite him being in mid-squat about to sit down when he realized I was getting off. Immediately, after I exited the train, I boarded the train across the platform. The doors shut, and I spotted the man looking confusedly around on the platform, standing in the same place, when he made eye contact with me through the train doors and stared at me until my train departed. 
And in another encounter:
At Metro Center on the Orange line to New Carrollton platform, I was alone waiting on the train. The train approached, and I boarded, sat down, looked up and suddenly the man was there when I had not noticed him on the platform. Yet he boarded behind me. He would not stop staring at me even after I stared back at him to communicate that I was feeling threatened by him. He kept staring and was looking at my things, so I did not want to pull out any personal items or give him any hints of who I was. I felt so threatened, I exited the train at Smithsonian station. He continued to stare at me through the window, sitting in the seat I was just in, until the train departed. 
The reader said she'dcalled Metro Transit Police about the man, but they "recommend taking a picture of him and reporting him. The police cannot currently act upon this report because no physical harassment has been committed."
I am not one to keep riding the Metro to wait until that does happen. Please contact police if you see this man. Note that no verbal communication has been made so there is no voice description for this man.
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