Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apparently, You Only Hypothetically Need a Farecard

We love some of the homemade signs you see around Metro. They provide such a je ne sais quoi and speak volumes about the system. Now that Metro is a step closer to a dedicated funding stream, let's hope a few bucks will be used toward grammatical "signage."
This one yesterday at Federal Center SW made us laugh. Are farecards "optional" now? One of the ticket gates wasn't working, so maybe that's what they meant.
Click for a more legible version.

Other news:
SmarTrip glitch (WaPo)
Fairfax Co. Connector Bus riders brace for hikes, cuts (Thanks @ahwahoo2006)

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Michael said...

The number of handwritten signs I see in the Metro is probably an indication that some of the interfaces are poorly designed.

Take a look at the average Metro elevator call button and half of them will have some sort of sign on them explaining which button is the one to call the elevator. This is probably because for some reason Metro elevator call boxes don't look anything like what a Standard Elevator Call Button Box should look like.

I don't understand the whole "each person must have their own farecard" confusion. Are there a lot of systems out there where multiple people can ride using the same card?

Anonymous said...

In Chicago, each train ride is a flat rate and riders only have to swipe in. You can "pass back" your fare card or share with other riders.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how a newcomer or tourist can make sense out of the signage overload with which they are bombarded when approaching a Farecard machine for the first time. Seriously. It's crazy. Every morning I hear the Shady Grove stationmaster make a station announcement scolding people, saying, "YOU CANNOT USE THE ONE-DAY PASS UNTIL AFTER 9:30!" If only they had read the handwritten sign taped to the front of the Farecard machine.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that it's hand written and ungrammatical, but look how grubby it is. Come on Metro!

Anonymous said...

whatever, I want Metro employees who are good at their jobs, I don't care if they put the apostrophe in the right place or not.


Anonymous said...

anyone know who actually designs/builds/maintains the fare card machines?

Anonymous said...

anyone know what company designs/builds/maintains the WMATA
fare card machines?

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