Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Islam Planning Bus Ad Campaign

The group appears to be preparing an advertising campaign on DC area buses.
We got word of this via @whyislamdc who tweeted the following:
WhyIslam DC's bus ads for the DC-Metro transportation system are coming soon. Prepare to be wowed insha Allah!
According to the Islamic Circle of North America, a grass roots organization which "seeks to obtain the pleasure of Allah through working for the establishment of Islam in all spheres of life," [a] contract has been signed with CBS Outdoors (they handle Metro's advertising) to have 'WhyIslam' posters on "50 buses for 4 weeks. These posters will include basic message of Islam and invitation to viewers to call dawah hot line 1-877-WHYISLAM."
Money for the campaign, about $35,000, the Web site said, was raised during a recent DC area fundraiser.
Metro doesn't know if this is true or not and deferred questions to CBS Outdoors, which said only that they can't talk about upcoming campaigns.
Why Islam ran a similar campaign ran in New York last year, causing quite a stir. (GREAT headline) Another campaign ran in the San Fran area. More here about the NYC ads.
What do you think of this? No big deal? Hey, Metro could use the money. Free speech above all else? Is Metro out of their minds?

More on religious advertising on buses. Who knew it was the way to go?

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taupecat said...

Hey, if Atheists can have a metro ad campaign, then why not Muslims? I, for one, welcome the ad revenue if it means keeping the fares & parking fees down.

Anonymous said...

If they want to spend their money this way, more power to them. I'll tune it out as I do most advertising.

Mike Bruno said...

I think this needs to be balanced out with alcohol ads!!

Anonymous said...

Why is this even a story? People buy ad space, big deal.

Sharon Harl said...

I think it's a big deal. This is crypto Islamic Fascism and a pollutant.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting. I mean whether or not we want to admit it, we've been at war with islam for many years now. or they've been at war with us. depending on your pov. that may be the right thing or not, but this kind of story challenges ones feeling on a very topical issue. nice work for bringing it to our attention. wheres the msm?

Anonymous said...

since when has Islam being at war with us? 911 was done by Islamic extremists, which represents only a bare fraction of the people in the Islamic world. It's like saying the KKK represents American people.

Yes, most people from the Islamic world aren't really in love with the US right now but what do you expect when we start turning their place into hell and killing their husband/wife & kids?

To tell you the truth a lot of people around the world were happy to see the Pentagon blown off (not WTC tower as it's more a civilian target) so are we at war with the rest of the world?

Anonymous said...

It's a better use of ad space than the ads for Jack Black's latest crap-fest of a movie that I've seen on other buses.

Meredith said...

Who cares? It's a free country. Advertise whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

If we look at it this way that a bunch of Muslims are trying to correct the perception of their religion which is taken completely opposite of what the religion represent then we can understand these ads better. These ads will provide people an opportunity to know about Islam from sources other than Fox News.

Anonymous said...

How about putting something similar like why Jesus? See how many screaming mimis would wet themselves and protest!

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