Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Way To Nats Games, Worst Way Home

So Metro touts itself as the “best” way to get to Nationals games, and that may be true, but getting home is another matter.
Last night, we decided to walk from Nationals Stadium to Capitol South station so that we wouldn't have to switch trains at L'Enfant. When we got there, the sign said a “train” was coming in 6 minutes, a Blue Line train in 12 and an Orange Line train in 15. Ugh. But OK. So we just missed a train. It happens.
Well, after waiting for about 10 minutes, we looked up at the sign, and it was flashing something completely different. Now, it appeared that Orange Line train was still 15 minutes away. We started watching the sign carefully and over about two minutes, it showed every combination of “train,” “blue” and “orange imaginable. Finally, the train that actually showed up first was the Blue Line train.
We decided to grab it, take it to Rosslyn and walk up to Court House where someone had their car and could take us to our ultimate goal, East Falls Church.
When we got to Rosslyn, we took a look at what trains were coming, only to laugh when we saw that an Orange Line train was coming in 12 minutes and then again in 14. Way to space those trains Metro!
To top it off, when we got on the Blue Line train, it was filthy with discarded newspaper, and we all know the great pride Metro takes in cleanliness. Obviously keeping a clean system is not something the Metro cops care about. There were three of them on the car we boarded. One of them was texting, and the others couldn't have looked more bored. Did they deign to pick up the papers scattered about? Nope, but then we already know the good examples they like to set. Where was that "motivation and enthusiasm" Metro fosters among its employees?

Other news:
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Nora said...

A somewhat unrelated question: what route did you walk from Nationals Stadium to Capitol South? I imagine South Capitol Street isn't all that pedestrian friendly.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Was just following, so can't give street names, but you're right, it's not a very pleasant walk.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, at night, I'd be terrified to walk from there to S. Capitol along that road. I've done it in broad daylight, but once you get under the freeway it's pretty shady.

Unknown said...

Ah reason? No supervisors in sight because most of them are networking, or not even in the system. That's right boys and girls Supervisors vanish for long periods of time, some everyday. Employees don't know, nor care where they are as long as they are not bugging them. That is until something happens and all the pages go out. Maybe upper management should start a secret program and see what the supervisors are doing all day. Might be good to put those anklets on them that the police use to make sure they stay on the job!

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